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With the cost of stamps going up every year or so, the U.S. Post office has proposed a new stamp. The Forever stamps which would work for all first class mail, no matter how high the price of stamps rises. You can buy stamps here.
Currently, the first class postal rate is 39 cents. It has been proposed that this price should be raised up to 42 cents by next year. The ever changing cost of stamps got postal officials thinking. They are now releasing the Forever Stamp so that customers could mail their letters at a locked in price. Click here if you’d like to learn where you can buy stamps in cape cod.

The New Forever Stamps

The new forever stamp would also help with the sometimes frantic search of 1, 2 or 3 cent stamps that people seem to need after each post office mailing increase occurs.

Stamp Price

The previous time that the cost of mailing a letter increased was in January when stamps leaped from 37 cents up to 39 cents. If the price jumped again in 2008, it would be the second consecutive year. Annoying for those who frequently mail off bills, letters, cards and other items sent first class.

If the newest idea regarding the Forever Stamp is approved, customers can stock up on them at a locked in price. It’s a first class rate and mail as much as they want, as often as they want, forever.

If the Postal Rate Commission agrees with the idea of the new stamp, it could be available as early as May of this year. It could cause problems within the post office, so all aspects of its release will be looked into before a final decision is made.

The Catch

Here’s the catch: the Forever stamps will work forever, but if you are out of them, you will have to purchase them at the going first class mail rate. So if stamps are currently 42 cents, the forever stamp will also be 42 cents. If you use them all up and the rate increases to 44 cents, well then you will then need to stock up on Forever stamps again but now for 44 cents a piece. The hope is that consumers will buy up a bunch the first year or two and have enough to use for years to come. Mostly they will gain value as the cost of mailing goes up.

The cost of first class stamps had increased 13 times since 1974 when it was a mere 8 cents to mail a letter. It went up to 10 cents which were a jump at the time. Post office workers predict that in the future rates will rise yearly just as other shipping companies tend to increase prices annually.

The idea is still relatively new and will take a little while to decide on. Critics wonder if forever stamps may sell out quickly. Will they be able to print enough for the high demand? And then what happens if customers do stock up and don’t need to purchase new stamps for many years, how will that impact the post offices revenue? The idea sounds great but only time will tell if it’s worth it to market Forever stamps.




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