Cape Cod Massachusetts Tours

Cape Cod Massachusetts is a naturally beautiful country known well for its extraordinary sights. There are so many marvelous things to do and to see in cape cod. Especially, if this is your first visit, it is probably a really good idea to take a few tours which are not only enjoyable, but educational as well. Besides, a few tours will help you to get better acquainted with our wonderful Cape Cod Massachusetts.

No matter who you are there are so many tours to choose from, for instance:

If you enjoy the great outdoors a possible tour for you to take would be a kayak tour, Great Marsh Kayak Tours is one company which features things such as fantastic fly fishing with New England’s finest fly fishing enthusiasts which takes approximately 4 hours, there is also Another trip called naturalists dream, which is 3-4 hours of easy paddling while viewing all the beautiful wildlife. This would be a great choice for the whole family! Great Marsh Kayak Tours also offers the opportunity for a tidal tour .This tour, in particular, is great for the beginner and highly recommended. This tour usually takes about three hours, give or take; you just sit back, relax and glide through the marshes with the tide. when the tide comes in, so do you.

The Water & Waves

Another great tour to take is located in Falmouth. Be sure and take time to visit the beautiful vineyard and winery located in the seaside resort .this tour includes wine tasting (21 and up only please) and a wonderful tour of the vineyard along with a wonderful chance to purchase a bottle of your favorite wine to take home for your next special occasion or to keep as a souvenir.

You might also consider booking a tour through Octopustavel .com. They offer the opportunity to ride across the Cape Cod canal for an educational visit to the John F. Kennedy memorial. Afterwards you will stop at a small village for some time to shop or just stroll leisurely down the shore and enjoy each others company. This is another great pick for the entire family.

Museum and Natural History

Cape cods museum of natural history has many things to do they have a kid’s summer program for ages three through twelve. This program is directed by David Silverman, an experienced educator, along with a team of wonderful teachers and counselors. Classes begin June 27th and end August 19th .The Cape Cod museum of natural history has two floors of fascinating exhibits. These exhibits include ”The Cape Takes Shape” which is an exhibit about coastal change, what about whales?(learning all about whales), a thrilling honey bee observation hive, the marine room where you can view some of the creatures that live on Cape Cod such as American eels, bullfrogs ,painted turtles, and their newest attraction moon jellies. There is also a mounted bird display one of every bird located on Cape Confound in this intriguing museum. These are just a few of the wonderful things that you will see if you choose to take a tour of the Cape Cod museum of natural history.

For Children

Last, but not least, you can always book a tour with “Autumn on old cape cod”. Autumn on old Cape Codas available every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting the 20th day of September and ending on the 23rd day of October for your enjoyment. Pricing is fairly reasonable as well for such a wonderful tour of Cape Cod and all of its wonderful sights. Prices are as follows ; children ages four and under are free of charge , children ages five through eleven are $28.50 per child , and all adult tickets are $51.50. All prices are complete. All of the taxes and service charges are included in this price. Come and take Autumn on old cape cods breath taking tour of Cape Cod during the majestic fall season. There are so many things to see the sandy beaches, dazzling sunsets and the native earth for the cranberry. You will visit the glass museum that has more than five thousand pieces of glass on display, this glass museum offers blowing demonstrations and a multi-media theatre. When you are through with that you can visit the Dexter grist mill. This museum tells of the historical significance that the building once had. Then it’s off to the J.F.K. memorial site followed by a harbor cruise to view the incredible Kennedy compound.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve lived in Capetown my entire life. I know all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful area. I hope to share them with you and your family!