Cape Cod Shopping

To be honest, Cape Cod does not offer the regular shopping variety and range, as you would have in cities away from the Cape. If you are looking for Wal-Mart style shopping malls in Cape Cod then there is not much hope. Though there are a few shopping malls that sell international brand apparel, housewares, cookware and toys, these cannot match a standard mall in any city of USA in terms of choice of range. However, the shopping malls could meet your regular small shopping needs, of course.


How then is Cape Cod is a holiday destination without any shopping provision? Would Cape Cod be a vacation destination if there were no shops that sell arty souvenirs? Of course, not— a number of shops, galleries, auction houses and studios dot the main streets of towns and villages in Cape Cod. The products offered are intricately designed handcrafted jewelry, home accessories, fine art works and priceless antiques. Products of home based artisans and local artisans, potters, weavers and glass blowers, are much appreciated by the visitors.


Cape Cod has made its mark for selling jewelry, antiques and hand crafted art works of clay, glass and cotton. The shopping experience in Cape Cod is of a different kind. In addition, people love what they get to buy in Cape Cod so much so that every November they return to shop more. If shopping in the cities can take off stress then shopping in Cape Cod can do more than that. Minus the mad rush of the cities here, you can do your shopping in a relaxed atmosphere and buy some ethnic products.

What to look for when you are buying gifts and souvenirs. Cape Cod Angel is the most sought after gift here. There are 50 varieties of Cape Angels on sale. These are unique items that are not available anywhere other than Cape Cod. The figurines designed by local artisans are something to take back home.

There are hundreds of talented artists in Cape Cod who capture a slice of natural beauty in their artworks like Steve Allrich, Gavin Brooks, David Burns, LaVerne Christopher etc. You may buy the art works many local artists who have adopted innovative ways of doing artwork. For instance, artist Debbie Hearle’s artwork may be bought from her studio or she would take the photo of your child at the beach and draw a portrait out of it.


The artworks done on the glasses are colorful and vibrant. Mere words cannot describe the beauty and colorfulness of the glassworks. Handcrafted lanterns, iron works and baskets are worth a buy. Works on wood are appealing as well.

Hand crafted jewelry may vary in cost in terms of the items content. However, one thing remains constant in each piece of jewelry – the exquisite artwork. Shells, pearls, silver, gold and diamonds all go in to the making of jewelry to make fancy gifts for wedding rings and bracelets.

After the souvenirs and gifts, you may shop for apparels in Cape Cod. There are a few shopping malls that sell international brand apparel, but what you should be looking for is locally designed clothing for men, women and children. You can have your name embroidered on the sweatshirt or polo neck shirt just like designer clothes at a very low price in many of the family owned small clothing stores.

If you just wish to read a book in your hotel room or cottage there are plenty of bookstores selling books of local writers as well as national and international authors.

In summer, many shops remain open until 11 PM. Truly there are an unlimited number of shopping options in Cape Cod.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve lived in Capetown my entire life. I know all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful area. I hope to share them with you and your family!