Deep Sea Fishing in The Cape Cod Area

If you like, the idea of catching some fish and then spreading tales of your fishing achievements, fishing in the Cape Cod Bay could be the option. You are bound to end up with good catches to build your stories on.

Some people prefer a vegetarian lifestyle. They are opposed to killing any kind of animals, birds and fish for human consumption. However, there are millions of people who are not picky about such issues and would find hunting/fishing, preparing and consuming non-vegetarian food a pleasure. For them a tasty salt-water fishmeal cooked from a fresh catch is mouth watering.

Fishing is a hobby that’s popular among many people as a form of a de-stressing activity. Off they would go on a vacation with their fishing rods to the nearby stream or lake and come back with their prize catches. However, deep-sea fishing could be a little more challenging. However, when the crew arranges everything from equipment to cleaning the catch then it could be a bit easier. The real fun of deep-sea fishing lies when somebody hires a boat and captains it for fishing. Of course, the real captain of the boat should always be there, but he may take a back seat and watch the amateur captain running into trouble.

Before you embark on a deep-sea expedition, a few tips would help you.

Make sure that you have the full weather forecasts for the period of your fishing expedition. Your life is more important then catching fish. In addition, you must always heed the advice of the captain who has spent more time in the waters then on land. The captains of fishing boats cancel fishing trips if there is a bad weather forecast.

Consider all the safety aspects and study them in detail. Take along all necessary safety equipment. Check, double check and recheck for safety issues. Ask the captain if there is all the safety equipment in the boat. Find out how well reputed are the ship’s crew and their track records. A fun trip should be a fun trip.

Heed the advice of experienced professional fishermen accompanying you. If there are none, hire a few and make them a part of your crew. Their advice could be invaluable.

The best time for fishing is just before and one hour after high tide and low tide. Fishes feed the most during this time.

The best time of the month to fish is between the new moon and the full moon.

There are daily fishing charters departing from all the harbors of Cape Cod on half or full day trips. No license is required to fish in the Cape Cod waters. The fishing charters head towards the deep waters of Cape Cod to catch fishes that include flounder, striped bass, bluefish, tautog, scup, fluke, shark and tuna. Cape Cod waters have Bluefish in abundance. Bluefish can be 4 feet in length and weigh up to 30 lbs. Its sharp teeth and a powerful protruding lower jaw has earned it the reputation of biting off anything that comes in front of its mouth. Losing fingers to bluefish bites while entangling it from the nets is not uncommon among fishermen.

Hiring of boats for your family group of six is possible at an average rate of $300-400 for six hours in Cape Cod. This would include fishing gear and equipment. Of course, you can keep all your catch. The crew even cleans your catch. Bigger boats have cheaper fishing rates with free baits. They charge rentals for reel and rods.

Fishing in the Cape Cod could be a wonderful experience if you heed the advice of experienced fishermen.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve lived in Capetown my entire life. I know all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful area. I hope to share them with you and your family!